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Solved: WordPress error unreadable Captcha token file

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Set Youtube video start&end times – 2014 style

Let’s say so want to post link to video or embed it in website. But in a way so video starts at specific time. Or maybe you want to set ending timestamp. You could download video, cut and upload to Youtube, but there’s a much much easier way:

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Fixed: The fb-root div has not been created & FB.getLoginStatus()

If you add some Facebook widget to website, this error might appear on console: The fb-root div has not been created, auto-creating
Even though it might not break your site, it’s annoying and best to solve it. So, how to do it:

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Recover lost FTP passwords from WinSCP & other FTP programs

Because WinSCP FTP client store passwords encrypted, recovering lost passwords won’t be copying text from file as it was in Filezilla Passwords. However, follow this tutorial and it will take less then 5 minutes to retrieve all WinSCP logins and passwords.

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New Twitter design 2014 – Get the most out of it

In end of March 2014, Twitter started rolling out new design. Right now most of profiles should have it, but if yours doesn’t have then visit official Twitter page and hit button ‘Get it now’. Then your profile will get the brand new layout. So let’s see what we will be dealing with for next years and how to get best out of it.