How to fix “We are sorry, no shipment method matches the characteristics of your order”

You’ve set up great VirtueMart shop but in checkout get error “We are sorry, no shipment method matches the characteristics of your order.” Error’s big, ugly and breaks checkout process. How to solve it?

  1. Make sure that your shop has a Shipment method. Go to Shop->Shipment methods, if nothing is there, create shipping method
  2. shipment method
    Configuring shipmentmethod

    You have shipment method but still get an error? I was very frustrated when I got that but there’s actually a simple fix – make sure Shipment method has no Countries (in method’s tab ‘Configuration’) and Shopping groups (tab ‘Shipment Method Information’) set.
    Anonymous buyers (‘Guests’ by VirtueMart’s interpretation) won’t have their Country set and shopping group will be ‘anonymous’;  registered users may have Country you haven’t included in Sipment method’s Country list. You can set  Countries and Shopping groups later, after some consideration and testing.

  3. Least possible, but maybe by accident you have disabled shipment plugin. Visit Joomla’s plugin manager, select type ‘vmshipment’ and there should be at least one published plugin.

I hope one of those points solved your “We are sorry, no shipment method matches ..” problem, if not then post a comment and let’s fix it!

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