Joomfish time-saving tip

If you’re using 1.5.x Joomla, then for multilanguage sites you most probably use JoomFish component. Great extension and by the way one of the reasons I’m still using Joomla 1.5 . In case of lots of translation jobs,  you might follow this simple tutorial to save time and little bit nerves as well when using Jomfish.

JoomFish interface | Jomfish article screen

It’s really annoying, when after writing translation, you hit Save but nothing happens. Then realize you have to check ‘Publish translation’, so open translation again, check and save. It can seem like just few seconds, but it’s annoying and when dealing with large amount of content, those seconds round up to minutes. Also, if you make website for client, that’s one less thing he must remember.

Simple solution – open /administrator/components/com_joomfish/views/translate/tmpl/edit.php. Go around line 324 (depends on Joomfish version) or just search for text name=”published” . Replace

<td><input checked="checked" type="checkbox" name="published" value="1" <?php echo $this->actContentObject->published&0x0001 ? 'checked="checked"' : ''; ?> /></td>


<td><input checked="checked" type="checkbox" name="published" value="1" checked="checked" /></td>

So basically we remove PHP code, which was checking if article is published and if is, only then it would make checkbox checked.Logically, for new translations that checkbox always  was unchecked.
Instead of that we’ll always have checked checkbox and after saving translation it will be published.