Joomla administration – control panel modules (sliding boxes)

Joomla control panelIn Joomla administration panel, on the right side there are sliding boxes as you can see in this screenshot (it’s from Joomla 1.5, in 1.7. there are little bit different colors and graphics. About why I’m still using 1.5 version I’ll write on some of next articles).

By default, first box shows information about user activity – name, user level, is he logged in administration panel or on frontend and when was the last time user was doing something. It’s useful, if your site has many users and you want to see their status. In my experience, it’s more convenient to have ‘Recent added Articles’ box open. Recent articles are most likely to be edited, so they should be seen right from administration first page (control panel), without any clicking.

First, go to Extensions > Module manager, then choose ‘Administrator’ (on the bottom of title Module Manager and on the right dropdown, Choose position > cpanel. Or shortly, go to

You should see list of 4 modules. Changing order of them isn’t any different from order of articles or menus – use little green triangles in column Order to move up or down module. Or write number of order for each module and press that save button on the top of column Order. In this mode, you can also rename or disable each module, and also change settings.
After these manipulations right side of control panel should look like this:

Joomla control panel boxes

It depends on needs, but from my experience in 90% of situations this is really useful.