Joomla:The mail function has been temporarily disabled on this site

If you’re using Joomla, recently have upgraded to 3.2 version and your site is using contact form component or plugin, you should check whether the contact form is working. Because recently there have been a lot of cases, when Joomla doesn’t send mails anymore. When website’s visitor completes form, submits but instead of Thank you message gets error: The mail function has been temporarily disabled on this site. And mail of course isn’t sent.
While Joomla developers are fixing this, here 2 simple solutions:

1) Open Global Configuration ( and press Save & Close. As simple as that, you don’t even have to make changes, just hit the button. That modifies configuration.php and in some cases is the solution.

2) Open Global Configuration, select Server tab and scroll down to Mail settings.  Change PHP Mailer to Sendmail. Press save. Choose PHP Mailer and hit Save & Close.

Joomla mail configuration