Last 10 visitors of your Facebook profile

profile visitor statisticsYou want to know who have viewed your Facebook profile? Maybe that was your ex or new crush, or your boss who will see all nonsense you publish at Facebook? Oh-no.  This article will reveal hidden secret how to see your Facebook profile visitor statistics.

Once in 2 months there is new application that will promise to show who  have visited your profile or who has seen your Facebok profile the most. In reality those aplications just lie, using your huge desire  to know your stalkers. Instead of real visitors, that application will show random friends or as application I saw recently – it will show friend with most friends (so application could spread faster)

Why it’s impossible? Facebook doesn’t give information about who have visited your profile. They probably could, but they don’t. Why? It would reduce clicking on other profiles (hello shy stalkers), thus less friend connections would be made and Facebook would grow slower.

If you’re interesting enough, you can assume every friend will visit your awesome profile.
If not, then try harder because what’s  the point that somebody have visited your profile accidentaly?

So yes, this useless article didn’t give you tricks how to see who visited your Facebook profile. Sorry, because it’s impossible. And even if there is another application that promises to reveal your Facebook visitors, then know – its a HUGE lie.

It’s more important with who you chat, in which photos are tagged and who you can talk to in real life. Last visitors of Facebook profile, c’mon it’s really irrelevant.

p.s. I’m sorry if you feel disappointed, this will definitely cheer you up: