New Twitter design 2014 – Get the most out of it

In end of March 2014, Twitter started rolling out new design. Right now most of profiles should have it, but if yours doesn’t have then visit official Twitter page and hit button ‘Get it now’. Then your profile will get the brand new layout. So let’s see what we will be dealing with for next years and how to get best out of it.

What’s new

Everything’s bigger and profile all together reminds of Facebook. We have larger profile and header images, popular tweets are made larger. What’s useful – you can pin tweet to the top so it’s visible without scrolling (click¬†“Pin to your profile page”, after opening tweet’s menu) Whether it’s about your trip to Bahamas or your business’s special message, you can definitely benefit from it.

When visiting other profiles, you can filter those tweets by: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

Design changes you must apply

To have good looking new design, you must prepare new images for profile. Profile image is 400 x 400px, header image’s max width is 1500px and height – 500px. Header¬† is responsive so your big image will look decent on smaller screens as well. Not exactly design change but you might consider pinning some tweet – if you have tweet about lets say some sale or special offer, why not to pin it to the top?


If definitely looks like Facebook, but do we really care? Maybe. Upside is you can put much information/creativity in those big header&profile images, and that’s cool. And following list have big blocks for each user so if your profile look interesting with this new design it’s easier to get new followers from following lists. Think about it.