Recover lost FileZilla FTP passwords

This article will teach you how to recover forgotten FileZilla passwords. In fact, you will retrieve all saved FTP Filezilla data – sites, logins, passwords and even configuration settings. This is possible even if FileZilla is uninstalled or you can’t login to computer, only condition is that you haven’t cleared information from HDD. What’s even better, that doesn’t require any software!

For Windows 7 & Vista  users

Using file Explorer, open folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla\ 

Filezilla stores unencrypted passwords in those .xml files. While it’s a security issue, it makes password recovery super easy.Recentservers.xml contains info about last servers you logged in, sitemanager.xml has information about all servers you logged in and saved connection data.

Open these files in favourite text redactor and for every ftp login info you should see following lines


Important information is between tags Host, User & Pass. Find them and then you have succesfully recovered Filezilla Passwords!

For Windows XP users

Same goes for XP users, except files are located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\FileZilla
Application Data folder might be hidden, if so you must visit Folder options in control panel and enable “Show hidden files and folders” option

Max OSx users

In terminal type in

cd ~/.filezilla
open .

Open up ‘recentservers.xml’

Linux users

Same files are located in /home/username/.filezilla/