Recover lost FTP passwords from WinSCP & other FTP programs

Because WinSCP FTP client store passwords encrypted, recovering lost passwords won’t be copying text from file as it was in Filezilla Passwords. However, follow this tutorial and it will take less then 5 minutes to retrieve all WinSCP logins and passwords.

This little great tool will get you ftp logins not only from WinSCP, but also from Filezilla, Core FTP, FireFTP, PuTTY,Total Commander and others. Visit to learn more and download this software. It’s free and comes with ftp client that is free for 30 days.

Recovery process

Download SmartFTP with password recovery1. Download and install SmartFTP together with password recovery tool. Locate it through Start > Programs and open.





2. Now you see all your ftp logins. You can get indidual login by clicking right click on it and then clicking left click on ‘copy url’. Or click on File > Save as and then you got all logins (adress, username, passwords) in on text file. Success! Another option is to export logins to SmartFTP.  It has some nice features and in 30 days you can decide is it worth buying.
And how long it took you to recover ftp passwords?