Solved: WordPress error unreadable Captcha token file

When recovering your WordPress password or posting a comment, you’re asked to solve Captcha to prove you’re not a spam bot . Not so rare you can get this error:

Captcha error

Fortunately it’s easy to solve there isn’t problem with token file. Open your FTP client, locate directory wp-content/plugins/si-captcha-for-wordpress/cache ( or wp-content/plugins/si-captcha-for-wordpress/temp). Then set permissions 777 (0777) to that cache (or temp) folder. Using WinSCP it’s done like this:

Change folder persmissions in WinSCP

in other FTP clients it’s similar. However if using Linux console you must use following code:

chmod 0777 /wp-content/plugins/si-captcha-for-wordpress/cache