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Digitalette is my blog about web & tech.Write for digitalette
You can be part of it, show yourself as a professional to potential clients and get quality backlinks from content-related website.

What to write

I welcome articles about web development, internet marketing
Please don’t send press releases unless it’s innovative service/product. Article submission form

Quality guidelines

I don’t want to surpress you writing process, but here are some guidelines you ought to follow:

  • Original – no copied/spinned articles.
  • At least 200 words (for tutorials at least 150 words)
  • Good grammar, well written
  • In case of affiliate products, only link to website where affiliated products are reviewed is acceptable
  • If you write about your service/product, you are expected to answer questions in article’s comments

What you get

I can’t put you on payroll, but I offer you quality backlinks and other bonuses.

Backlinks. You get backlink after article and/or inside article. After 5 articles all those links will be dofollow. As you know, dofollow link from content-related website is worth thousands of low-quality-shady backlinks
Recognition. Show yourself as professional. And while there aren’t many writers, you will definetely appear on blog’s sidebar!
Social media. Potential clients can communicate with you via Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / others, thanks to social icons right after article. Not to mention writing fascination-shocking-awesome article can go viral!
  • 1 article – nofollow url in author description (will be under article) and 1 nofollow link in article. 1 social media link.
  • 2 articles – additional 2 social media links
  • 3 articles –¬† dofollow link in author description, additional¬† 2 social media links
  • 5 articles –¬† max. 2 dofollow links in each of articles.

So, what are you waiting for? Send your article and start win-win-win collaboration!

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